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Does Anyone Know Whats Going On With Titan Poker?

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OK so i play micro limits at titan, which normally has a few tables going, not alot of traffic but not dead either. For some reason today every table is full with a wait list of close to 20 ppl, i was just wondering if anyone heard anything of them merging with another poker site or something. i even tried contacting them through online support however i get no response which is odd and they are usually very good with that. Just wondering if anyone can fill me in on the situation

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I got an email from them today saying they're having technical difficulties with merging of networks.... (or sites).email attached below..... you also see that Neteller isn't an option anymore.... crazyness. -------Dear xxx, Please accept our sincere apologies for the server issues which may have affected your recent gameplay.We have been experiencing temporary technical problems, which were caused by the integration of new poker rooms to the iPoker Network.This is part of the ongoing expansion of the iPoker Network and the Titan Poker software. Ultimately, this will result in bigger tournaments and more exciting promotions for our players. We have been trying to perform this integration as quickly and smoothly as possible but this massive influx of new players has occasionally strained the gaming servers, leading to technical problems.These problems are TEMPORARY as the integration will be completed shortly.Please note that players disconnected during tournament play are refunded and/or compensated according to our network policy within 24 hours. Please be patient in such a case as most interruptions are handled within that period.We would like to thank you for your patience and understanding and we will be in touch shortly with more information on our exciting new promotions and upcoming tournaments!Robin SteeleManagerTitan Poker"Become A Legend At Titan Poker!"http://www.Titanpoker.com

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