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player profile: phil ivey

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Nice you having such raving reviews for 3 of the best players there is (let's say 2 cause GUS may be lesser). When was the last time you got invite to play 2K/4K? That's what I thought.You must be filled of all sorts of exciting info with having 40 posts in 2 days. Can't wait to see more. :club:

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I love Phil Ivey's game and, based only on what I've heard from others and what I've seen on t.v., he seems like a very respectful and classy young man. He's fearless, has uncanny instincts, and his only weakness as far as I know seems to be Ace-Queen. How many times has he gotten burned by this hand? He will win the main event sometime soon. If Moneymaker didn't suck out on him in '03, I think Phil might have won it then.
Harrington and Farha were, IMO, better NL tourney players than Ivey was at the time...and Harrington still is...
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I once took the average of his cashes in tournament events just for a lark.He averages a 7th place finish for any tournament event he cashes. That alone is impressive, because most players, like Daniel, Doyle, and Phil Hellmuth, average in the late teens. He is a different class of player. He has great composure and focus at the table, and he so immensely popular because of it for whatever reason it may be. That is probably why everyone always picks him in the fantasy leagues to win a bracelet or two each year, something he will likely do this year, or at the very least by the end of 2010.

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