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Now that Poker Wire has their radio show with Gavin, Joe, and Scott - I probably won't be spending much time with the circuit. After listening to Poker wire I went to the circuit to hear their episode. I almost choked when I heard Konan Luce's intro and then Rich Belsky piping in. It really is bad, they're so awkward on the air it's almost uncomfortable to listen to. I'll still check who their guests are, but I'm now a pokerwire.com guy for the radio shows. In case anyone hasn't heard about it already....www.pokerwire.comI think that Cardplayer really dropped the ball on letting the team of guys go (based on who they replaced them with). All the talk about it being a seperation of choice is kind of debunked by the fact that they have a new radio show up and running only a few months later.

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I never gave the new Circuit a listen - I loved the old show so much it couldn't have met any standards the old one had set. Great to hear the big three back on again.
I'll still check who the guests are that they have on Circuit - but unfortunately the Circuit is completely based on who they have as guests. Friedberg and Singer, although both are probably better players than I am, neither is entertaining nor do they appear to have or provide any insights into the poker world like Gavin and Joe (Joe based mostly on info from Barry G.). I would listen to "the old circuit" or Poker wire even if they didn't have any guests because they're entertaining and insightful. This post is more about giving a shout out for Pokerwire and making a point to Cardplayer that they made a really poor decision to let the old group go.
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