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New Challenge (old Challenge)

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Nobody like you, so you get lost.

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I will be going to the beach today.


Please stop bumping this thread. :(

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So who still plays this game online?!?!?!


I'm banned on Stars and Full Tilt (long story short the guy who was backing me is being accused of some sorta fraud by Pokerstars and since he came to my house once they banned my accounts too). But I have been playing a lot on Party Poker. It's horrible and you can't open more than 1 lobby without the whole program crashing, but the players are pretty much still living in 2000. Results since I started playing:




And I know this should go on 4bb but well...my accounts gone so yea. Just wanted to ramble because Party is down tonight :(

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Co, do mid or high stakes LHE games run on clubs with seals ever?

Haven't really paid attention to LHE on there, so I dunno. I remember hearing people talk about it running some in the 2+2 thread some months ago.

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