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Nobody like you, so you get lost.

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:icon_dance:Edit: I got owned hard today and I'm probably not going to play tomorrow because I don't want to waste a full day of grinding cash games. I forgot how fun poker was when I can only go all in or fold.
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Just wanted to let everyone know that someone in this thread is going to be a very happy man tomorrow. Hope everyone is doing well. All the best. :club:

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Hot dogs
Hot dog!!!!
Damn you two...I was catching up on the CThread when I get to your posts... Now I'm hungry, and it's almost 1 am over here!
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My first time being named dropped in the C-thread, yay! Mark I personally feel almost exactly as you do, but I do think that we need to be able to talk about play and players without it being googled by people. Thats what Im paranoid about the most. Alot of you are privvy to the AIM and skype chat with each other so the c-thread closing isnt as big of a deal to you, but I am not able to do that if I have a ? about a hand or w/e cuz I dont have anyone on my AIM list but Cobalt and ptspecial that really know anything about NL.Is there a system restart for FCP so we all go back like a week ago?
um, hi?
anybody with any mtt success or who is good at mtts want a stake for a $55 on stars or $75 on ftp sunday?
not me. **** mtts.
only if you're under 30
I never play the C Thread heater days :club:.
im starting a forum where everyone is welcome to post except Rdog pm if interested
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vince vaughn and jackie chan playing in the 10/20 tonight. weeeeemark
vn. You get a few hands in with those guys?One a side note, I have no idea why, but I am very happy and have have been crushing live games for over a month now. Well, winning mostly and losing very little along the way. Losing sessions are minimal compared to the winners and there have only been a couple. The roll is once again growing (when I can keep my hands off of it for buying fun shit) and most of my big hands are holding for once. I had some sick beats the other day, but went back and got it all back and then some. So even the bad days are not so bad because I feel as if I know I will get it back. Confidence is back and is so key to winning as you all know. Anyway, usually I whine but lately it's been good, so FU DOOM SWITH! I FART IN YOUR GENERAL DIRECTION!Best of luck to everyone :club:
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so i did a vid against krantz for deucescracked. it's gonna be the latest episode in pr1nnyraiding season two. episode be out on tuesday.i made a vid of it myself and some thoughts --im really hard on myself so naturally not too pleased with how i played. i shoved a flush draw (on turn) into his trips and got there so that was nice but yeai was trying to make it a goal of mine to not get into pre flop wars with him for w/e reason...so naturally near the end of the match i start 4bet bluffing and i know he is doing it back to me just as lightly...finally the third or 4th time i 4bet TTs and shove over his 5bet and run into JJ. lose that so w/e relatively standard i just was annoyed i went against waht i was trying to do in the match and then 'got coolered' late in the match.after that i felt really owned (whether i was or not) and didn't seem to win a pot for the last 5 minutes. but i was more down on myself that anything.obviously anything can happen in a short hour match, i was just frustrated at that point and was loling at myself.we played a few pots 2gether where i was pretty happy with my play/decisions but naturally like every sesh there are a few hands/situations where you make a mistake, or make the incorrect decision and that can clout your judgement for the rest of the match or afterwards.anyways, if any of you guys watch the vid and wanna know my hands or thoughts can post here or w/e...there for a few interesting hands but i thought a lot of the match was played pretty evenly throughout.- Jordan
Sounds awesomes - how did ya set that up?
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