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Quick Vegas Question

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Walk into Bellagio's main entrance...continue past the lobby area, past the conservatory, and just off to you left is a full 1/10th scale 3-d model of the entire property being constructed between the Bellagio and the Monte Carlo. This model must have cost thousands to put together and is extremely detailed and very well done. It gives you an excellent birds eye view of the entire property, including all the completed structures, roads and monrail that will connect it to the Bellagio when completed. This project is so cool looking, with many of the buildings designed as if they are twisting and leaning a bit as they rise up. Others are curved and they are all super modern with lots of glass. It is sick looking. They even constructed their own roadway across the freeway just for this property. Mega billions being spent here for sure. Back in December we stayed at Bellagio and had a great view down onto the construction site. They have constructed a massive retaining wall all around the West and North borders of the Jockey property, then they excavated a 5 story deep pit on those sides of it! If this retaining ever failed, you'd have the entire Jockey structure crashing down into that massive pit! Quite an engineering feat. My guess is they may have been in negotiations to purchase the Jockey, so in the mean time decided not to hold anything up and simply build around the Jockey club structure. It also looked like the only folks at the Jockey club were a sea of worker and construction vehicles, which leads me to believe that it won;t be around much longer. Looks like it is being used mainly as a staging area for the construction of the new resort.Pretty exciting stuff, but then again, I'm an architecture nerd. Both this and the Venetian projects will be huge and look to be awesome additions.

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ok what's the next "theme" resort going to go up. maybe "Hawaiian" ---- "Playboy Mansion" -- or the "Atlantis" theme like the BahamasIf they can find room. If they have to start going away from the strip like the RIO. they will need more Monorails to make it convient. They also need a crossover path bridge somewhere in the Paris area. Crossing that HIGHWAY can be a real pain in the ***

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