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When Is It Time To Move Up In Cash Games?

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I have been playing low limit cash games now for a few months and do ok at the 2-4 and 3-6 level depending on the game. Right now I only play LIMIT games as I really dont like the swings in NL in regards to cash. In the sessions I win I cash out on average with decent hours rate in limit and at least double my buy in when I play omaha Hi Lo. Except for a couple of exceptions, when I have losing sessions I usually dont lose a heck of a lot. In most cases not even my buy in. Now I have heard when you have built up your bankroll or are consistently beating the games your playing you can try and move up. First off when they say "Beating the game", what are we really meaning here. Second, do you truly need to build a bankroll to move up. I could financially afford to move up to 5-10 in any of my games. Should I bite the bullet and give it a try or do I need to stay where I am at a while. For those asking "what about 4-8", thats not offered at the places I play. It jumps from 3-6 to 5-10. Thanks for any advice given.

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