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There goes about 3/4 of a years worth of winnings.

Seats - There are no good seats (unless you are ringside). We had floor seats 11 rows from the ring... pretty close and I paid quite a bit. I couldn't see shit. You can't see over other people's heads

The internet is an environment. Environments attract compatible creatures.   'Comment sections' of anything (Youtube being the best example, where the absolute lowest form of internet vermin are ap

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Yeeezus Bocephus Christ.


Northcutt taps to a non-choke, Rothwell taps Barnett... This night has the potential to be the worst bloodbath for me since Silva/Weidman II. C'mon Rumble.


My concern is that Rothwell is going to get put against Miocic for a shitty point loss.

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C'mon Rumble.


He came on.


Sage's ground game looks embarrassing, but more important - because ground game can be learned - was the heart aspect.


There's no way he had to tap at that point. It was more of a "oh wow I'm uncomfortable and I don't know what to do please stop please stop ok I quit".

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That's what always happens whenever people who rely solely on freak athletic gifts- and as a result, are able to burst onto the scene like an unstoppable shooting star- encounter that one ************ who isn't afraid of them and has unlimited tenacity and heart.


Rousey too.


He's just so young, his heart will develop with time and experience getting beaten up. His athletic gifts cannot be denied but you are right. Heart is something that cannot be 'taught' and he doesn't seem to have that grit in him, meaning that the way to beat him is to keep your distance and grind him down with willpower.

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I didn't expect Wonderboy to make Hendricks look like absolute garbage.

I guess he's a top contender now.


I'd like to see him fight Maia before being given a title shot.


I think Derek Lewis can beat anyone at HW on any given day.

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I love Cowboy but I actually think Conner would maul him. Cerrone fights very tall, which as we've seen, leaves him open to body kicks, especially to southpaws. I feel Conner would exploit that. And he isn't the high level wrestler that is needed to beat him up like Mendes did in round 1

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Fuck Cerrone here. I mean, I like the guy and all, but it just doesn't make sense here. Conor came up to fight RDA, the dominant beast champ of the division - and instead they'd give us not only not that guy, but the guy who that guy embarrassed and beat to death his last fight?


Naw, makes no kind of sense. Couldn't be any more of an anti-climatic choice.


Give him Khabib if you want to replace a real test with a real test, or give him Diaz to put on a critical mass of shit talk into one place.

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lol, apparently the UFC turned down Khabib offering to fight Conor. I'm not knocking them, makes good business sense. Dangerous as fuck.


I bet it will be Cowboy. Meh, oh well, might still be a good fight but I don't like it.


Sits poorly in my mouth that instead of RDA we'd get the guy RDA crushed last time he fought.

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Khabib hasn't fought in 2 years, he doesn't deserve it.


Cowboy deserves the payday for being a huge company guy.


Nate doesn't have the brains to keep up with Conor in the trash talking. He might be durable enough to take a beating. Still impressed Josh Thomson finished him.



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It's Nate - and Conor is moving up to 170 for the fight.


Now this raises the question: if Conor beats Nate, does he go for the Lawler belt or go for RDA again. Either way, I'd watch that fight.


Nate doesn't have the brains to keep up with Conor in the trash talking.


It's not about the brains. It's all about the legitimate, down to the bone, absolutely genuine shit being talked. Most of these guys just talk to hype fights. Nate's trash talk is true street, and my god, the stare downs - I'll be surprised if there isn't an exchange.


Also, I mean during the fight itself. They'll be carrying on a conversation. Should be funny.

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I don't have fightpass and the Russians don't have it up yet on their internet.


Did you see it?


I saw it.


Anderson was doing his dodgey/no-hitty stuff mostly in the beginning, and Mike caught him a couple times, stunned him to the ground once, but didn't hurt him badly. Then, I think it was the third round, Mike's mouthpiece came out and he got super preoccupied with it. Herb told him to keep fighting but he kept looking over at it and whatnot, and Silva caught him with a pretty big flying knee as Mike was still fiddling around with the ref for whatever reason, and Mike went down and would have been out except the bell rang right when it happened.


Silva thought the fight was over and was celebrating, Mike on the ground bleeding. Silva was up on the cage and shit, but Herb kept saying "I didn't call it".


Finally everyone was advised the fight wasn't over and they came out for the fourth round. It was a mixture of brawl and Silva doing his dodgey/fakey hands down stuff.


Then, in the 5th round, Silva caught Mike with a front kick and hurt Mike pretty bad. Swarmed a bit, but then weirdly slowed it down and went back to picking shots trying to finish, but too little too late.


Silva looked pretty fresh at the end of the fight, and Mike looked like he gave oral to Roseanne Barr while she was on the heaviest period of her life, but Mike had done more in 3 of the 5 rounds and won the fight.

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