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great...my first-ever one-outer....

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Luckily, it wasn't for a whole lot of money.PS WSOP DS $5+R qual tourneyStill in rebuys, limp in early with A7 of clubs. Get some limpers, blah blah. Flop comes KKQ, with two clubs. I bet the pot, only one caller. Next card is the Ten of clubs. I bet small, hoping other dude's got a King. He instantly re-raises all-in...I call, hoping he doesn't have a boat.He's got JcTd. Seriously. It is rebuys and all, but this guy already doubled up twice. He had a good chunk of change.Lo and behold, the river's the friggin' Nine of clubs. Yeah, I could just rebuy and all, but that pot would've put me over 10k at the break, which usually wins you a 160-dollar ticket. I ended up missing out by two spots. So, I've now seen a one-outer. And it hit against me.*phew* I feel better now. Thank you.

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