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Results From The Limit Event I Asked Your Advice On

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Daniel,I decided to try and apply as much of your strategy as I could with the limit event I played. It was very similar to the way I used to play and going back to it wasnt that tought, I just needed to do it. Well suffice it to say that during the first 4 levels I didnt have a lot of battles and I was a little above where I started. No biggie, as that seemed to be the norm for this tourney. The couple of levels before the dinner break were very tellling however to the makeup of my table. Every blind steal was met with either a raise or 2 or more calls, and a lot of times with people playing horrible holdings. Such holdings also ended up killing some really good hands. At the dinner break I was down to 2700 chips. Come back from break. Pocket A's, Pocket J's, Pocket 6's, AJ and AK....and all hands were paid off. I doubled up with the A's and I won a 4 way pot with the 6's when it was 3 bet on a board of 10, J, 2, 6, 7. By the next break I was at 24k and in good shape. Sadly that was my high point by my 4th table move, one bad beat, and little success in stealing, we are at 28 players with 27 paid. It took over an hour after that point to reach the bubble...which was me. If anyone was at the Borgata tonight they know all about that last hour. If you werent, ask around to anyone that played the event. Suffice it to say, I had one 500 chip at the 3000 6000 level....and make it 25 minutes into the 4000 8000 level and took a 1 outer to get knocked out 28th.Anyway, Daniel thanks for the advice. Even tho I didnt make the money, its still my best limit holdem finish since Event 4 of the series. If nothing else, I needed it for a confidence boost. Good luck on the rest of your tunica trip. If you can tolerate it, there is a Subway in an exxon about a mile from the Gold Strike. Otherwise, good luck on actually finding some healthy food down there.

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