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Pittsburgh Penguins Thread

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Brag post time. Lots of people saw pictures of Malkin practicing and Fleury in his new pads but I just saw them in person during a closed practice.     I was down at the arena to get my security

Yes I agree that Crosby kids gotta go. Can I interest you in a phaneuf?

JapersRink ‏@JapersRink · 20m Really looking forward to Dan Bylsma being either an idiot who can't win with Sid or a genius who can win without a bottom-6 after tonight.

Well, went over my head, but whatever your point is, I think Letang and Yandle are very similar as players, and will have very similar output over their careers, IMHO.
well, lets see if this one goes over too.would they have similar output over their careers if they switched teams?
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Yeaaaah, probably. Phoenix's offense was about equal to Pittsburgh's last season and Letang and Yandle were only seperated by 9 points.I know where you're going with this. I don't really know. I'd say there are too many variables going through my mind to take a definitive side.I tend to think that the Crosby factor is overblown a lot, like, it doesn't necessarily make every guy who steps on his wing a 30 goal scorer, but the team will certainly score more goals as a whole with Sid and Geno in the lineup, so I think it's reasonable to believe that Letang's production would increase as a result.With the way the teams are made up right now? Assuming full health of all involved? I'd expect Pittsburgh to score more goals than Phoenix, so I guess I'd expect Yandle to get a boost from his theoretical production on this years Coyotes if he were on Pittsburgh, and I guess Letang's theoretical production would decrease if he went to Phoenix, all else being equal.I still think though, if they played inside of vacuums, Letang and Yandle would have very similar production over the course of their careers. I think they both peak at 60-65 points, again, in a vacuum.

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If I wasn't feeling like shit and didn't have so much to do so I can be finished moving in 11 days then I would be there tonight for free in my bro's seats.By the way, my new place is perfect for going to CEC. 15 mins even in traffic or jump on the train that's a mile away.

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