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Poker Rooms In Tahoe/reno

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Where is the best place to play in Lake Tahoe and Reno? I am going on a free comped trip next month and wanted to get the lowdown. I mostly play 2-5 NL and would like to play some tournaments.

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I love playing at the Cal Neva in Reno. It is a s**t Hole but it is full of old men that have been passing the same money to each other for 30 years. One thing they hate is for someone to come in and be aggresive in their "home game". Plust the drinks are quick if you tip even $1. The cocktail gals are as old as the players and so is the paint on the walls. Last time I was through there they didn't allow smoking in there anymore....which sucks because I am a smoker (trying to quit) but the rail isn't far away. I love the Cal Neva and everytime I go to Reno I stop in their poker room for a quick hundred or 2. Probably the best room in Reno is at the Atlantis....so are the best players. Try the Eldorado as well.

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