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Phil Gordon Ownage

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From FuturePokerPros:FullTilt's Average-Stakes Top Players Game Descriptions 1 Shoobee 2/4 NL, 3,6 NL 2 KaGame 3/6 NL multitables 3 horryclutch 3/6 NL multitables 4 SweetOldBroad 2/4 NL multitables 5 Ravenous20 3/6 NL multitables 6 Pwnasaurus 3/6 NL multitables 7 Jrab1 1/2 NL multitables 8 rcwhite 2/4 NL multitables 9 FristSux 2/4 NL multitables 10 JD_PROFESSIONAL 2-4 NL multitables
With the exceptions of horryclutch and Pwnasaurus, those are NOT the best MSNL players on FT. FristSux is pretty solid.
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Edit 2: granted I haven't played this low in awhile, I can't imagine him being a top 5 player based on the limited analysis. It's only one video, but based on that, I can't imagine his play beating any regulars. Good luck though
What is this based on? I'm sure he would love to hear how you think he could improve his game. He has made a good living beating the regulars on a few different sites.
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