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Different Poker Games

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I play LAGgier in PLO than in just about any other game. If it's two or three to the flop, and it checks to me on the button, I'm potting it about 90% of the time. I also raise a ton preflop in the button and CO with any decent hands. Sometimes, I'll attack weak leads on montone boards too, since that usually means a low flush that's scared it might be drawing dead. When you consistently hammer the other players in position, not only are you picking up a lot of pots uncontested, but you're also advertising really well for the times you do end up flopping a really good hand.As far as playing lots of games, I'll echo the sadness over Party closing. Stud-hi was one of my best games, and I've hardly played it at all since Party closed. I just haven't seen another good 30/60 game anywhere. The game on Stars is way too nitty to be profitable and doesn't even run all the time. Bodog doesn't even spread Stud higher than 5/10 and there's usually nothing actually going over 1/2.I do enjoy 2-7 TD which I just learned recently, but I still feel like I'm a huge fish in that game at decently high limits. I've got the basic hand selection and stuff (mainly from SS2), but I have no feel for when you can lay down hands after the last draw or when I should be breaking my 87 type hands. It seems like my only really profitable options online right now are PLO and LHE. (Obviously, there are good NLHE games too but that makes me tilty and just last night I swore them off again for a while.)

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