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I also finally learned how to do the merge feature so if multiple threads drive you crazy, give me the link to each one that you want merge and I can do it.
Can you merge every thread JMoney or Ripptyde ever posted in, then pin it at the top? It would be enough to keep me entertained for a solid decade. Thanks.
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Don't worry Dane, I'm not making another post about a first royal flush.To all other members: didn't pstars used to give a t-shirt for royal flushes? Am I delusional?
So did pokerroom.
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Chgocubs had it down, but he forgot to mention that everything Tritz ever posted should be merged and stickied under the heading "tinfoil hat thread." I think It'd be fun to see.
No. He has made tons of more useless posts than his rigged one (maybe two). Please don't speak of topics about which you are completely clueless. Thanks.
So, do people get the t-shirt or not?Also, on a psychological level, what is wrong with people who make fun of other for asking questions like the OP's?
It's a dumb question that can be answered by the OP not being so lazy. Hence the flame. Go back to the religion forum.kthx.
What a helpful post. I think that we should indeed make hundreds of people email pokerstars to get the same answer to the same question instead of one person doing it and posting it on the forum.Honestly, could you be any less helpful. What, are you trying to "teach him a lesson" or something. It's an online forum. It's not like we're running out of space or it will break if too many threads are created.
Honestly, could you be any less helpful? I never thought that I would be defending dane, but seriously. You must not come here much.New, repeat threads contribute to the fact that this forum is generally laughed at. Dane is just trying to get the newbs to help themselves, rather than clutter the forum with repeats. If you are around more than once a day, you would notice this. There are too many useless, lazy posters who start mundane threads rather than use the search function, or google. It is quite irritating.See you in hell.
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