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Prima Rakeback?

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Does Prima still offer rakeback on any of their sites? I can't find anything on it. I used to get around 50% a few months ago.Thanks.
you can get 50% at 123poker.comits a decent site as well, standard prima stuff.. and its paid DAILY. which is nicehttp://www.rakemeback.com/deal_detail.php?site=123pthats the link, and i didnt put a affiliate code in it either
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If there are a decent amount of games on Prima, I know where my next deposit is going.
yeah, you can get 40+ at lots of places. i think its tough to find full-ring LHE, but its still a good idea to keep however many tables there are going.i'm considering getting an account there, and just playing, in order, wherever there are tables:WSEXPrimaPacificBoDog (if i could)APat 1/2-5/10 LHE, playing where its optimal in terms of rakeback, even if it means moving bankroll around and stuff, could make a significant difference in winrate, IMO.
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