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Poker Players With The Least Personality

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maybe he just doesn't like signing things. I know a lot of celebs and such don't want people selling their signature and profitting, and a t-shirt full of autographs is the kind of thing that could end up on E-Bay real fast. I don't think it says anything about his personality.
That's true...didn't think of that. But I just think when he's at the table he's working. Though I did hear him say some funny jokes twice that made me laugh. One of the funnier things that was said was when three 2's were on board and Juanda bet the river. The guy called and Juanda says, "I have a flush." The guy shows a small PP (I think 4's) and Negreanu says, "A frush? Don't you see the full house?" I think you needed to hear the tone there.
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OK, I dont want to get into a flame war...but to be honest, this thread is about the least personality. Lets look at Negreanu. He can be nice, funny, helpful, cocky, mean, and sour.Lets look at Alan Cunnigham. He can be nice, quiet...that's it.Now lets look at Hellmuth: Insanely Boring! So Negreanu has six, Cunningham has two but Hellmuth only has 1 personality. So science proves Hellmuth has the least personailty in poker Claps coming for me.
If Hellmuth is anything hes VERY entertaining to watch, when he goes on tilt is pure entertaiment, i love it how he has thrown himself to the floor when he gets a bad beat, also 1 scene from HSP where he flops two pair and barry G flops a set and he quickly called throwing his chip thinking hes got him beat in when barry goes all in is another of his priceles moments...
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I was at the Bellagio a couple years ago and Junada was playing in the WPT Five Diamond Tournament. During the end one of the short 15 minute breaks, Juanda was getting back to his seat and a couple came up to him and wanted a picture taken with him. They asked me if I could take it and I said sure but it's up to Mr. Juanda. He said sure. I took the picture, but the flash didn't go off. The new level was starting and Juanda was about to go back and the couple pleaded with him if they could take the picture over again. Knowing the level just started, John took his time so I could take another picture of the three of them. His was real nice about it too.
In your face, Juanda haterz.
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