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Huge Christmas Day Win!

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Well today at our local card room there was a $20 Re-buy tourney (Free entry though) with $1,000 added to the prize pool by the cardroom. I didn't expect many people to be there cause today is Christmas day and all, but we filled up 6 tables or so. Everybody starts with 1,000 chips, the blinds start at 25/50, and move up every 30 minutes. During the first hour (The re-buy period obv.) I was lucky enough to double up three times! Once with KK, once with 99 (Sucked out on AA), and once w/ AK. After the first hour I had a stack of about 4,500 and the blinds 100/200. I played ABC pretty much the whole way through. I played very aggressively from the CO and Button to win small pots. I tried to steal at least once an orbit to stay above the rising blinds. Once we got to the final table bubble there were two players who had about medium stacks that were just to my left (I was 3rd in chips with 12 to go), so I abused them every chance I got. (Only the FT got paid) By the time we finally made the final table I was second in chips from all of the abusing I had done to the average stacks. The chip leader was on 4 seats to my right so we were able to stay out of each others way. The final table was pretty much the deck hitting me in the face. I was able to stack off two people in one hand, and it was the only really interesting hand all tournament for me. UTG limped (Frequent limper), an old lady in MP limped, I limped the button w/ A9 of hearts, SB folded, BB checked. The flop came 10 9 7 two hearts. BB checked, UTG bet 3/4 of the pot, MP folded, I called, and BB called. The turn came the 4h, giving me the nuts. BB moved all-in, UTG called, and I moved all-in. UTG thought for a big and decided to call. BB had J8 for the straight, UTG had a set of 4's (Why bet the flop?!), and I showed the flush. The river bricked and from this point on I was the chip leader. When it got to heads up I think I had a 3:1 chiplead on this old man (I'm talkin so old he had a cart with oxygen tanks to help him breathe). Heads up last 3 hands. On the 3rd hand he open pushed his button and I called w/ KQ. He showed 99 and I flopped a Q to win it all. I cashed for $1,450 on a freeroll!Now the question is what do I do with this $1,450?!

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buy some family and friends
They're on vacation in Colorado but I have to go to Missouri tomorrow for work. :club:
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