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I went to school at chapel hill and one of my buddies from raleight took me once, it was pretty fun, we actually played in two the same night at two bars across town. I sucks that its not cash, i don't know what the prizes even were.I live in charlotte now and i think they have it around here.

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Yeah - I play at the Ale House on Creekside when I can - just not often enough. It is a nice blending of the crazy play of "play-chip online" and real live action. If you are serious, you can really work on things like table image, reading tells, hiding tells, etc. without losing real $$$. I am heading to the Venetian in January (wife's office is being treated to 3 days and I get to tag along) and plan to play the 1-2 NL and a couple of tournaments while I am there. It's my first B&M experience so I am psyched.Some folks around here (including a co-worker) takes his play with WTPT very seriously and pretty much makes it a regular thing. He has been ranked locally (according to him).It's fun stuff and the people are (for the most part) a lot of fun to be around.Cheers!!

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