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Monday Night Football In Vegas

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The Excalibur casino is currently (as of 2 weeks ago) offering the following promotion:Be in the poker room playing @ one of the tables around an hour before the MNF game starts (may want to get there a bit earlier, I'm sure the place will get jammed as more people hear about this). They will pass around a sheet where you'll predict the scores for the end of each quarter. $400 goes to the correct guesses for each quarter - if no one has guessed the right score, the prize rolls over to the next week (ie: When I left Vegas, the 4th quarter prize was $800).Worth taking a look if you're on the strip, want to play some fun poker (you can play 2/4 limit and still qualify) and watch the games.

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It says Upside-down, upside down of course.As far as the promotion goes, sounds like nice free money, if no one else guesses the score yo udo.
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