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Hi Daniel, Glad you came home , I was there at Casino Niagara and was unable to get near for you for even a little glimspe. How did you make out there? I know it was for charity and fun but still hope you won. I see you are coming home again this week. Your going to be in my town watching from behind the bench. Please let me come with you. We are both great leaf fans and poker buffs. It would be great to meet you. :D I have been playing since I was 14, and now my son's think they know how to play at 28 and 26. One thing is for sure they still can't beat there mom. I hope to be at the game Saturday wearing my Sundin Jersey and my Tiger Cat winter coat. What are your thoughts about Casino Niagara's poker area vs, Rama or Brantford. I don't like Niagara's not enough privacy, too nosiy to think. I love Rams's and Brantford's is okay. Do you play any where around home such as Rama, I would love to play against you some day. I may not be as good as you or Kathy L but I hold my own. Have fun Saturday. Rosey g :wink:

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