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I recently signed up for rakebreak.com and just received my first “check.” To my surprise, it was much lower than what I’d been expecting and the rake that suddenly showed was much lower as well. I e-mailed them for an explanation and not only received one in less a day, but received an instant credit as well. Nice to know that some folks out there are doing it right!Hi there,Thank you for your email.You should have received 27% of your October MGR, as shown on our site.Full Tilt gave us final October stats last night, which may have affectedthe MGR. Sincere apologies for the confusion. In the meantime, we will take yourword for it, and have transferred the additional $XX to your Full Tiltaccount.Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.Best regards,RakeBreak Teamhttps://www.rakebreak.com-----Original Message-----From: Sent: Friday, November 10, 2006 2:43 PMTo: RakeBreak.com SupportSubject: Fw: Full Tilt Poker - Funds Transfer RequestThis is my first month with rakebreak and I'd like to get an explanation. During the month it showed my rake at over $XXX and today when I viewed it, it was down to $XX. I understand that it is stated as "before bonus deductions," but I do not currently have any deals or bonuses at Fulltilt. What is the reason for the significant drop? I only received approximately 1/3 of the amount that I was expecting.Thanks!

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You can do it through FTP now, I got the email a little while back, set it up, and now I'm getting 27% of something like $300 from 8 days of play. Should get my money on tuesday, maybe monday (assuming it's through business days).

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