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Flop St8t And Oesfd

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This past Saturday I was playing in the NLHE event at Foxwoods. About 15 hands in this happens:I had won four pots already w/o a showdown and was up from $5k starting stack to just under $7K. Blinds were 25/50 and I limp into the pot with 4-5 of spades (I normally do not play with this especially in early position, but I am trying to open my game and I had chips to see a flop with). We took the flop with 5 players. The other four all had around the $5K they started with.The flop comes 3 of spades, 6 of spades and 7 of diamonds. I hit the current nut straight and have OE st8t flush draw. BB leads out $300 into the $250 pot and action is on me. I have three guys behind me and I am concerned one might have a bigger flush or st8t draw. The $300 bet seemed like he really liked his hand and was trying to protect against the flush draw as well as the straight draw on the flop. Not wanting to allow someone to follow "cheaply" behind me on a draw I raised to $1K total.Is this standard or should I flat call trying to set up the original better?Thoughts?

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A raise is good because it invites a set to jam. With so many limpers and the flop coming all rags, you have to hope that someone's holding 33, 66, or 77. You also put 88 and 99 in an awful spot. Some players would have trouble folding an overpair here. I'd only bump it to 900 though, not 1k.

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