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Andy Black The Rapper?

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There is only ONE rap in poker...And it goes a little something like this..........'Poker is Fun... for ev'ryone,Except my Opponents..They shoudda practised avoidence.. 'Who hooooooo!!!! :club::D:D Sorry.. I'm on a high after a good evening at Stars.. now I can't get this outta my head. :D

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What was up with that Ak hand tho, against dn
that is the famous Andy Black blowup. In the past year he has managed to get the chip lead in a lot of tournaments in the US, Europe and at home in Ireland, plays it to deadly effect bullying the table and then BAM!! runs AK/Q into Aces/Kings or runs a stupidly costly bluff with Ace high (wsop ft) and he's just one of the guys again. Pretty standard procedure for Andy at this point.Take it out of his game and you have one hell of a player.
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