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** The Official Los Angeles Lakers Thread **

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I wonder what the opportunity cost even really is on that. I'm sure it's >0, but I doubt it's much.

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he was as innocent as much as Kavanaugh doesn't like beer

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Worse Contract, Pujols or Kobe? Pujols is on paper worse because it's so much for so long, and Kobe's is only 2 years, but the NBA's cap is SO hard that Kobe's contract is really going to handcuff the lakers for 2 more years and push back their rebulilding, where as AP's contract is really only going to cost Moreno money ,and while it may limit the Angels some, they are way more flexible than the lakers will be.


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The Warriors just signed Boogie, dawg. They are the Evil Empire. They are Goliath. Somehow, for the first time ever, the Lakers are the underdog. Even with Kawhi, they are David. Do you know how sweet winning the title, toppling this Dubs team in the West, then the probable Celtics in the East, would be? If you can successfully resist that allure,and then you were never a Lakers fan. You were a Kobestani. And that's fine. I thought I was a Bulls fan once, but I was really just a Jordan stan. No shame in that. But hating on a fun Lakers team seems -EV to me, as a basketball agnostic. If I were a Lakers fan? Shit, I'd be over the moon.

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