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Lets Bet Into 3 Donks With A High....

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This is the same live 5/10 game from my last post. As usual, its me and a bunch of super loose passive donks.Hero is in co with :):) 2 folds (what??) super donk limps, fold, super donk lims, i raise bb and everyon call.flop: :D:club::D checked to me, i bet...bb and first super donk call.turn- :D donks check, i bet,call, super donk checkraises.....i fold in disgust.thoughts: Standard preflop raise. On the flop, is this a clear bet or fold. Man i suck at FR. Against 2 players i bet this all day, probably 3, but wiht 4 players is betting +ev? Should i bet to get a turn? Do I want to thin the field? Help me out!Turn: I was shocked to get 2 folds on the flop, and i know that these donks would peal with one overcard, a gutshot and they could very well have 6-2 or something. I planned to bet/fold, and check the river UI, and still think thats the correct line, but i need to be reassured.Thanks. Captain crunch

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bet flop check/fold turn. your hand plays well multi way so raise pf is fine, plus the fact they are most likely not playing respecteble starting hands in the least. the flop is pretty safe+ you have the bdnfd, so i see no problem betting here and maybe if your lucky cleaning up an out or twoon the turn it's a clear check/fold.

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