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I actually laughed out loud at this.
I just choked on a JuJuBee.
Also, Turd, when I saw your signature, I made this noise: "Hagawp!"I've never made that noise before, and it's unlikely it'll ever happen again. Treasure that, friend.
funniest thing in a long long time.I giggle like a school girl
Turd wins this thread.
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The People Against the Couch Thread (PACT) have united in an effort to prevent future bumping of the "Just Got A New Couch" thread. We believe that threads do not have inherent ownership and should survive on its own merit and not due to the original poster's continuing self-endorsing efforts.
Have you even been paying attention the past 2 months or so???I haven't bumped it myself in months. The only time I even post in there is when someone else bumps it.Not that I expect that to matter really. Just thought I'd point it out.
Lets be honest: Who saw a thread about Suited's couch getting over 1,000 replies on 50 pages?
Believe me... I thought I'd get like 8 replies max.But once it took off I just rolled with it.
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Ok, now this is really exciting for me.


People Against the Couch Thread has grown so much over the past two days it totally blew my mind. I feel like I've become "buddies" with a lot of people in the thread. I had a chance to meet some of them at the PACT weekend, the likes of turd ferguson, Shimmering Wang, beans-n-icewater, Royal Tour, and mrdannyg.


There are other members in the thread too that I feel I've grow to know. I feel like I have to look out for "renaedawn" like a big brother since, "fryer98" is apparently making a move! I always feel like I have to keep Ron Mexico in line, no easy task! Whiskey16, LadyGrey, bleacherbum3, Ouch-8s, ShakeZuma, Governator, ajs510 (my hockey maven), Yoda, and so many more, have made reading the thread and being a part of the PACT community a lot of fun for me.


So on that note, I wanted to let everyone know that the re-launch of the PACT thread is just a month away. It will have a new look and a bunch of new exciting features you are all going to love. Also, the PACT "Biz Team" is planning several unique contests and promotions with various prizes including trips to Las Vegas, and maybe hanging out with me and some other high profile "celebrities." I hate that word, silly word. "Celebrity," what is the deal with that? We are supposed to "Celebrate" their existence? Please.


Anyway, with the launch of the new thread there are going to be a lot more PACT junkies around here. It's important to me, though, that those of you who have been PACTers all along get special benefits when it comes to promotions and things of that nature.I'm not just talking about the regular members in the thread, I'm talking about the members, donators, and even those that are regular readers of the thread. So for the next month, from now till the November 30th deadline you'll have a chance to sign up as a charter member of PACT. Again, that will grant you special privileges related to promotions exclusive to the PACT charter members. After November 30th, no charter members will be accepted. Signing up is about as easy as… well as easy as clicking on this link: PACT Charter Member Sign up and following the instructions. So if you are a regular visitor to the thread you'll definitely want to be a charter member. What is that catchy phrase they use, "Membership has it's privileges?" Something like that right? Anyway, do it right now, because as of November 30th it will be too late.

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