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The Official University Of Nebraska Cornhuskers Thread

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I went back through the thread, to find evidence of your fan polygamy, but I'm afraid it might be in the sick thread, which means its lost for all time. I did find these VERY interesting nuggets..



good hire, will surprise a lot of people when we win the big ten next year.


That was in response to hiring Mike Riley. #ColdTakesExposed




(that was from 2013, WAY ahead of the curve. Here was your immediate response..





I've been on the Frost train since before literally anybody, don't question my loyalty again, or I'll dig more of your shame up.

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i want to see how we close this recruiting class, but i'm very high on next years team. just need to close a real d tackle, some linebackers and a few o-lineman and we'll be ready to play with the big boys.

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