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The Official University Of Nebraska Cornhuskers Thread

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If Fresno has competent coaches, their offense will score at least 28. Swing passes, jet sweeps, and play action rollouts to the half back is good for 500 yards of offense against a Bo Pelini defense that doesn't include brodomukong SUH.

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A great game, very fun to watch on offense. It's not the I-Formation option but it's the first time since.. I dunno, Solich was the coach, that the offense legitimately looked like a well run, "Nebraska" offense against a legitimate opponent. Abdullah and Armstrong looked like vintage Nebraska backs, I just loved it.


However, on the drive home from Omaha, listened to local sports radio (which I never do) and these callers have lost their minds. People are saying this is a statement game, and that it announces nebraska is back as a national power, and we're going to win the NC and all kinds of crazy shit. Don't start sucking each others diks quite yet, gentlemen. The problem with that is, Miami isn't Miami. Not the Miami people remember. This is a 2nd tier ACC team, which other than FSU is not a strong conference. They've had scandals hanging over them for years which has hurt recruiting, and I don't think Golden is a great coach to begin with. They are not top to bottom loaded with premier talent that they used to be, this isn't as impressive of a win, as it seems.


The bottom line is, Nebraska played an unranked team at home, was favored by a touchdown and won by 10 points. They did exactly what they should have done. All this win does, is prove they are a top 20 team. It does not prove they are a top five team, like these locals seem to think.

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I don't know who Armstrong is.


Did they review it? It seems like an easy call.

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