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The Official University Of Nebraska Cornhuskers Thread

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This Michigan Michigan St game is hot garbage. There have been like 14 plays of negative 8 yards or worse. I'll be so mad if MSU doesn't win.

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so happy for jordan westerkamp. that dude has hands of a god. but hoping this win doesnt make me suffer through another year of pelini. a good team beats northwestern by 35 because that team is broken and weak. nebraska is not good.

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Seeing as how tommorow will be Bill Callahan's Bo Pelini's final game as the head coach at the University of Nebraska; I want to take this time to wish him well in his future endeavors. Its not you, its us. We just expect too damn much from our coaches. WE expect our coaches to motivate the players, get them to play with some passion. We expect our coaches to make adjustments, at halftime or during the week. We expect our coaches to respect and honor the Nebraska tradition. Clearly we expected too much. So good luck Billy BO, with that whatever the **** it is that you do, and wherever the **** it is that will have you. Goodbye, and good riddance.

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As long as Pelini gets someone good to run the offense, Im fine with him taking over. But it wouldnt bother me if Turner Gill was given the job. I just want the new coach to have passion, intelligence, and respect. And an innovative offense.



Well, He had passion.

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