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The Official University Of Nebraska Cornhuskers Thread

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The only thing to wonder now, about the UCLA game, is whether they will break the record for yards allowed in a game. It is 656 by Oklahoma in the 50s I believe. UCLA almost got it last year. I'd say its a good bet they eclipse 700 this year.

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I assume you're asking me, noted Nebraska football expert.


You root for them to keep winning games like this one, so their record is good enough to get into a good bowl game, but there is still good reason to fire Pelini.

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He won't be fired unless they have a losing season. Even then I'm not sure. We don't know how the new AD thinks. It would take a complete collapse, meaning 3-9 to get him fired. And that won't happen. So we're fvcked

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(apologies if you're not jewish, Cane. You're a Lawyer in Miami, so I took a stab)


Cane is quite the Jew.

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