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Late Night Tournament

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I registered for a $5 tournament on UB at 2am et. I started off playing very loose, and pushing with marginal hands. I went from starting with 1500 in chips to 3500, to 390, and then to 2100. Here I am an hour later with 20,000 and chip leader with 160 out of 372 players left. I went from not caring and wanting to get some sleep, to actually wanting to win. I cashed in 2 MTTs earlier today, but nothing spectacular.I better make the final table.Anyone else playing? I'm in as SuperJon9000

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In the money with like 30 left. Was 6th in chips but just became chip leader when I caught my flush.
G/l to ya. too loaded to go near a game - i hav e learned from experience that booze in poker dont mix. there should be a law against it like DUI cept from the d :club: nks
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