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Sure it's been posted somewhere, but still, sick hand:

In a $300/$600 heads-up No-Limit Hold 'em game, Dags raised to $1,800 from the button before the flop. Ivey re-raised to $5,400 and John called the extra $3,600. Following a flop of A-J-K rainbow, Ivey bet $7,800.Dags re-raised to $20,000 and Ivey pushed back, making it $43,200 to go. John came back over the top, pushing all in for nearly $63,600. Ivey called the additional $20,400 and the cards revealed that each man had flopped a set, with Dags holding Kings and Ivey holding Aces.At this point in the hand, Ivey was a 95 percent favorite to win and had Dags drawing nearly dead. Guess what happened?On the turn, D'Agostino caught the case King, giving him quads to Ivey's full house. When the river brought a harmless 10, Dags took down a pot of nearly $138,000.
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