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***the Official Tiger Woods Thread***

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http://www.tsn.ca/golf/news_story/?ID=176454&hubname=That makes 5 wins in a row and that is absolutely incredible!Anyone else catch 60 minutes last night? They had a segment on Woods that was very interesting.We need a golf thread!
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it's not just his golf game..that is being very vague, it is his ability to go into that 3rd gear and find a way to win, very few players have a 3rd gear and if they do it is limited in what they can do. Now, add imagination, physical strength and self confidence, sure hitting a ball just under a 300 yard average is mind blowing but there isnt 1 sure source and when these abilites sometimes shine not 1 guy on tour can keep pace or catch up that is what makes him great22 majors 80 vics easily

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