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I don't even know why I'm posting this, not like it helps ****.I start this morning with 100 (I just took out 100$ to pay for stuff around the house), I buy-in for 10, work up to 20, then it starts....K :D T :D from the buttonFlop A :) Q :) 2 :) I raise, he rerraises, I go all in, he calls (he had 12$) and shows Qd 8s runner runner full house.So I'm at 8$, VERY NEXT HAND, I'm dealt AAflop: AKTHe goes all in (10$ on a 1 dollar pot) I call (a bit on tilt) he shows QJI bebuy and go broke on my first hand, against the same guy who called my all in with middle pair. I have A 2 in the BB flop: 8 :club: 2 :club: 2 :D We end up all in, he shows pocket 8s....I lose the next buy-in from tilting ><So I'm down to 70$ and I have no extra money :'(, hopefully I can restrain from playing for the rest of the day so I don't lose more cause of my stupid self making bad plays on tilt ><. I guess it woulden't be that big of a deal if it wasen't 1/3rd of my bankroll, but right now if I hit another bad loosing streak I'm screwedEdit...More fun...My hand: J9his: AJFlop: K Q TTurn and river where blanks, by the river I was all in, down to 60$ now.........Also this guy NEVER bet, he usualy called with anything, and would fold to any bet if he didn't have atleast a pair, so being concerened about the higher straight wasen't really practical right here.

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I'm virtualy broke now, Monday I started pretty good, maybe even above average cards, but then monday this all starts happening, till tonight when I have 11 dollars left in my account (although I took out my buy-in + bonus cash already, so atlest I'm not out any money).I flop a flush, he flops a set, rivers pairs the boardI get AQ, flop A66, he has A6, and again with A9AA got cracked 3 out of 3 times, KK got cracked 1 out of 2 timesFull house vs quads 2 timesAlso many times I was up against a reckless player (would go all in with middle pair, top pair low kicker, etc...) floped a decent hand, put him all in, then he pulled a miricle out of his *** to get the goods.I guess I'll take my 11$ and sit down with it all on the table, hell maybe It'll all turn around and I'll end up with my 100$ back... probably it'll just get thorwn away and I'll go a month without playing till I can get some more money...I guess no one cares, oh well it helps to write it out...

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