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Did I Play This Wrong?

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Heads up .50/$1I am the button and small blindvillain is weak/tight. He calls almost every preflop raise but folds without a pair or draw on the flop. He calls with weak hands and with top pair or better will flat call a betthe flop and check raise the turn. I don't know if he does the same thing when raised on the flop. He 3 bet once before with 77.I have TTI raise, he reraises, I just call. (maybe bad, but I didn't want to scare him into call down mode)flop: AdTc5sHe bets, I call.Turn: QsHe bets, I raise, he calls.River: 9sHe bets, I raise, he calls.Is there any way I can get more value? I think he slows down with most aces if I raise the flop.

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