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Home Run Hitters Vs. Small Ball Players

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No. It can be used and is more useful in cash games than most tournaments because of the deeper stacks. It's not a survival tactic, it's a way to minimize the varience (luck if you will) of poker, which at some points will bite you. By seeing flops and playing poker (putting some one on a hand, representing a hand, etc.) you increase the skill aspect of poker to a high level and make it almost like a game of chess instead of bingo, where one would shove in and wait to see if the 5 cards (the board) help/hurt you, which is gambling and will lead a lot of unnecessary risks that will obviously result negatively a certain percentage of the time. Small ball is not easy to play if you, for lack of a better word, "suck" post flop. If you have a lot of post flop experience then small ball is the perfect way for you to play poker.
Very interesting. I think I see myself more as this style of player, but you have so few chips online than you are basically in all in mode from the start lol. Maybe I would be better off playing cash then.

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