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First win in awhile!!! Yahoo!!NO_LIMIT TEXAS_HOLDEM $100+$8 (Real Money), #879,853,594Toledo Single Table Tournament, 20 Aug 2006 5:17 PM ETSeat 3: xxxmen73 ($11,788 in chips)Seat 8: flyalexair ($8,212 in chips)ANTES/BLINDSxxxmen73 posts blind ($600), flyalexair posts blind ($1,200).PRE-FLOPxxxmen73 bets $11,188 and is all-in, flyalexair calls $7,012 and is all-in.FLOP [board cards 9D,10C,4C ]TURN [board cards 9D,10C,4C,KC ]RIVER [board cards 9D,10C,4C,KC,3C ]SHOWDOWNxxxmen73 shows [ 8D,AH ]flyalexair shows [ 7H,QH ]xxxmen73 wins $3,576, xxxmen73 wins $16,424.SUMMARYDealer: xxxmen73Pot: $20,000xxxmen73, bets $11,788, collects $20,000, net $8,212flyalexair, loses $8,212

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