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Erik Goes Tourney Donk; Who's Coming With Me?

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Full Tilt Poker Game #919520892: FTOPS Main Event (6154586), Table 76 - 15000/30000 Ante 4000 - No Limit Hold'em - 2:20:24 ET - 2006/08/21gadjet (Observer): FCPSeat 1: credog (780,315)Seat 2: BlueOctopuz (342,562)Seat 3: Phatigue (1,709,624)Seat 5: Ben Roberts (172,953)Seat 6: bmwmcoupe (176,640)Seat 7: crownnginger (365,696)Seat 9: TheNogre (856,210)credog antes 4,000BlueOctopuz antes 4,000Phatigue antes 4,000Ben Roberts antes 4,000bmwmcoupe antes 4,000crownnginger antes 4,000TheNogre antes 4,000crownnginger posts the small blind of 15,000TheNogre posts the big blind of 30,000The button is in seat #6TheNogre is feeling happy*** HOLE CARDS ***Jer-BOW (Observer): howd you do in the ME?credog foldsgadjet (Observer): lol @ Roland againjoshcryer (Observer): roland is just having some funjoshcryer (Observer): it's hilariousBlueOctopuz raises to 80,000twista (Observer): PHAT IS HOWARD LEDERERjae27thetrueod (Observer): support get de wolfe outta hereJer-BOW (Observer): PHATIGUE HOWD YOU DO IN THE MEPhatigue foldsBen Roberts foldsbmwmcoupe: alright here we gogreatwall74 (Observer): ben.. ur teeth felt offjoshcryer (Observer): I love how he was talking about no chopsbmwmcoupe raises to 172,640, and is all ingreatwall74 (Observer): lolWaffles2003 (Observer): IS DE WOLFE THE BIGGEST OVERRATED PLAYER OUT THERE?ChristianUmlauf (Observer): go c oupe just got here man goodluckcrownnginger foldsTheNogre foldsbmwmcoupe: fcpHangukMiguk (Observer): HOLDwsox8 (Observer): HOLDbmwmcoupe: fcpBlueOctopuz calls 92,640bmwmcoupe shows [Qd Ah]gadjet (Observer): FCPBlueOctopuz shows [Kd Kh]TriKim7 (Observer): EEY WHO CAN TRANFER ME 5 BUCKS?wandigo (Observer): PIZZAWaffles2003 (Observer): ;)looshle (Observer): aemergency911 (Observer): gllooshle (Observer): alooshle (Observer): alooshle (Observer): ajoshcryer (Observer): omgwandigo (Observer): Alooshle (Observer): awandigo (Observer): aaandreww (Observer): lolaugmented (Observer): uh ohlooshle (Observer): aawandigo (Observer): awandigo (Observer): alooshle (Observer): aHoldemgod2 (Observer): Alooshle (Observer): aPhatigue: decent but not the millionswandigo (Observer): abmwmcoupe: eshhhlooshle (Observer): aTheSkearnel (Observer): Awandigo (Observer): awandigo (Observer): a*** FLOP *** [Td 6s Qh]looshle (Observer): aawsox8 (Observer): AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHoldemgod2 (Observer): AHangukMiguk (Observer): AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAjoshcryer (Observer): OMG!wandigo (Observer): alooshle (Observer): aunreal20 (Observer): no acewandigo (Observer): aHoldemgod2 (Observer): AJer-BOW (Observer): PHATIGUE HOWD YOU DO IN THE MAIN EVENTlooshle (Observer): awandigo (Observer): agadjet (Observer): FCPHoldemgod2 (Observer): Alooshle (Observer): al kieran l (Observer): oooowandigo (Observer): alooshle (Observer): awandigo (Observer): aHoldemgod2 (Observer): Alooshle (Observer): qjoshcryer (Observer): YES!wandigo (Observer): aHangukMiguk (Observer): AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAlooshle (Observer): qwandigo (Observer): a*** TURN *** [Td 6s Qh] [Qs]looshle (Observer): qwsox8 (Observer): AAAAAAAlooshle (Observer): qTheSkearnel (Observer): Agadjet (Observer): FCPbmwmcoupe: eshhhDa Shoot (Observer): Alooshle (Observer): qwandigo (Observer): awandigo (Observer): awandigo (Observer): alooshle (Observer): qqwandigo (Observer): alooshle (Observer): qHangukMiguk (Observer): QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQzsta2k6 (Observer): FCP FCP FCP FCP FCP FCPwandigo (Observer): aHoldemgod2 (Observer): AQbascomeb (Observer): AQAQwsox8 (Observer): QQQQQlooshle (Observer): qlooshle (Observer): qwandigo (Observer): aHoldemgod2 (Observer): Qwandigo (Observer): alooshle (Observer): qqaandreww (Observer): LOLlooshle (Observer): qaugmented (Observer): YESHangukMiguk (Observer): YEAHHoldemgod2 (Observer): Qlooshle (Observer): qbmwmcoupe: YA*** RIVER *** [Td 6s Qh Qs] [4h]Holdemgod2 (Observer): Qgadjet (Observer): FCPwsox8 (Observer): YESlooshle (Observer): qDunnRowan (Observer): YESaandreww (Observer): lOLOLlooshle (Observer): qtwista (Observer): WOWZERSjoshcryer (Observer): no!Al_Smooth (Observer): YTES!!!!!ImYourRake (Observer): hahahabmwmcoupe shows three of a kind, Queensaandreww (Observer): LOLOLOLDunnRowan (Observer): YESbascomeb (Observer): WOOOOOOOOOOOgadjet (Observer): FCPlooshle (Observer): qshiphova1215 (Observer): wowjae27thetrueod (Observer): wowowowBlueOctopuz shows two pair, Kings and QueensTheSkearnel (Observer): YES!!!!!!wandigo (Observer): BOOM!Holdemgod2 (Observer): YESNOCAL LEGEND (Observer): roland get off bens jockHammerU173 (Observer): nhwsox8 (Observer): YESDunnRowan (Observer): YEStexas01b (Observer): oooooooooooooBackPackPoker (Observer): wowgadjet (Observer): FCPlooshle (Observer): shipbmwmcoupe wins the pot (418,280) with three of a kind, Queensjae27thetrueod (Observer): wowowowoDunnRowan (Observer): YESjackdawkins (Observer): BAMgadjet (Observer): FPCHoldemgod2 (Observer): YESlooshle (Observer): shipFrigley (Observer): 4u;wBackPackPoker (Observer): hahahahDunnRowan (Observer): YESwandigo (Observer): ship itaandreww (Observer): LOLOLOLBackPackPoker (Observer): niceTheSkearnel (Observer): YES!!!!!DunnRowan (Observer): YESHoldemgod2 (Observer): YESlwolf95 (Observer): wowBrianLegend23 (Observer): wow wtflooshle (Observer): shipDunnRowan (Observer): YESbmwmcoupe: YAzsta2k6 (Observer): FCP FCP FCP FCP FCP FCP FCPAlex916F (Observer): yeaaaaaDireMan (Observer): lolbmwmcoupe: YA*** SUMMARY ***Total pot 418,280 | Rake 0Board: [Td 6s Qh Qs 4h]Seat 1: credog folded before the FlopSeat 2: BlueOctopuz showed [Kd Kh] and lost with two pair, Kings and QueensSeat 3: Phatigue folded before the FlopSeat 5: Ben Roberts folded before the FlopSeat 6: bmwmcoupe (button) showed [Qd Ah] and won (418,280) with three of a kind, QueensSeat 7: crownnginger (small blind) folded before the FlopSeat 9: TheNogre (big blind) folded before the Flop

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