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THe Last Hand by Kevin V

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Well I thought it would be nice to discuss some of the hands was involve in recently since I really like the idea that Daniel's is keeping a journal of his play.Well, I was at a local casino here in Southern California playing a $300 No Limit Texas Hold'em cash game (yeah yeah I'm small time so give me a break), its 12/14/04 about 10pm and i've been playing for about 10 hours now. I was delt KsQs on the button and I made it $50 to go. The small blind calls and seat 5 called as well.The flop was 2cJdAs. They both check to me and I made it 75 to go since I did raise pre-flop. They both called so I was a bit worried since I was only on a draw. I figure if i didn't make my straight on the turn I would just play it safe and check or fold if either raise on the turn.The Turn was a 10c, perfect the nuts! They agian both check to me. I made it 120 to go to set the trap. The small thought about it for a bit and called, seat 5 re-raised it to 250. Wow, I thought about it and moved all in for another 700. The small blind was in shock and couldn't believe it. He thought about it for a long while and muck his cards. Seat 5 called the all in and showed his two pairs A's and 10's. I showed him the nuts!The River was a 2d and the small blind jumped off his seat and yelled "****ed I had the boat!" Wow- I miss played the hand on the turn by only betting 120. Lucky for me seat 5 re-raised, if not the small blind would of gotten his boat. That was my q to exit stage right...kevin v

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