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applying sklansky's limit tactics to no limit

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I like to read poker books in the airport, on my couch, on the toilet, or wherever. I mainly play NL, but read books about limit as well as NL. So the latest book i picked off the shelves was Sklansky's SSHE. So i'm wondering, what aspects of Sklansky's limit advice cannot be used or needs to be adjusted to NL play? What advice in limit will not be as effective in NL?To clarify, the advice i'm looking for is for small stakes, both tournament and cash games.

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I think its a completely different game ,,, in NL your oponents can prevent from giving you sufficient pot odds, so you can't get away with calling with hands like Ax suited in late position because there are 4 players in the hand, on the other hand if you have something like pkt 5's in late pos. and only one person raised you can get away with calling if that player has enough money in front of him to justify a call, In no limit you can bust someone if you flop a set and in limit you can only make them lose a certain amount of money, that is why it is not very profitable in limit to call one player's raise w/ hands that need a lot of help on the flop. Things like this make NL and Limit two opposite games. ( It would be interesting for Sklansky to write about NL cash games)PS. for tournaments you have to play very different than for cash games. My suggestion would be to learn limit, NL cash, and NL tournament as if they were all different games.

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