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Writing A Poker Book

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Titles for the book-I Crushed a Teenage Home GamePoker Video Game TipsPoker and my MotherThe Regurgitation of Other Poker BooksI Wish I Could Play in a Real CasinoDiapers on TiltIm Living a Teenage Fantasy
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Sorry to hi-jack this thread, but I wanted to let everyone know that I just won a $5 sng. Look for the hand-history with personal commentary on bookshelves next week. With some luck, you can play like me!If you want to search for it on Amazon, it is being published by Billy Bob's Jewelry and Pawn.

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Hey Tantalar...I like you.But come on man...this game is about experience. I would only buy a poker book from someone with more experience than me.As soon as somebody finds out that you are 19...there goes your sales..And this has nothing to do with you. Seriously...Jeff Madsen has won every tournament on the planet for the last few weeks. Would you buy a jeff madsen book?
its all about shannor shorr. madsen is historyedit: i was gonna say to get it forwarded by a great or well known online pro like ari or cliff or someone of that nature.that way some people might say oh ive heard of them they are good and would buy it because that name is on the front. they are just gonna pass by a book by joe smith
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