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Protege Qualifying Tournaments Start Today

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The Protege qualifying tournaments start today.Seat 6 Sunday Weekly Qualifier $30+$3 at 3PM ET where the top 3 will move on to the 36 player Seat 6 Final Qualifier as a bonus to the normal prize payout.The Seat 5 Hi Roller qualifiers begin with a $6+$1 Stage 1 qualifier at Midnight ET.Both tournaments can be found under the Qualifiers Tab in the tournament lobby.As expected Vatche was the first player to enter these tournaments and he wants lots of competition.For all the Protege 2 details please visit the Protege 2 section at FullContactPoker.com.

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i signed up at the wsop - can i get in that way or do i have to play on fcp?
You can get in for one of the seats through the random draw at the show. For the other seats you'll have to play.Just a reminder that the first Seat 5 Stage 1 $6+$1 Qualifier is starting at Midnight.Look under the Qualifiers Tab in the tournament lobby.
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