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Predict The River On The Me Final Hand.

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Cunningham 7 :P 7 :club: Gold 9 :D 10 :D Flop 7 :) 7 :D 8 :) Gold goes all-in the flop and Cunningham callsTurn: 10 :) River: J :club: Gold gets runner-runner straight flush and beats Cunningham's flopped quads.

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death_small.jpgCARDPLAYER UPDATEThursday Aug 10 04:17:00 PDT 2006Allen Cunningham Wins MAIN EVENT!Jaime Gold moves all-in from the small Blind for $20.8 million. Allen Cunningham calls in the big blind. Gold shows AA. Cunningham shows 82. The board comes AAJ5x, and Allen Cunningham is drawing dead, but Gold is eliminated on the river when a Death Tarot card comes and he ´╗┐Spontaneously combusts. It is the most thrilling final hand in the history of the main event.
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