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Party Poker 5/10 Hold'em (4 handed) Hand History Converter Tool from FlopTurnRiver.com (Format: FlopTurnRiver)Preflop: econ_tim is Button with Qspade.gif, Aclub.gif. 1 fold, econ_tim raises, 1 fold, BB 3-bets, econ_tim calls.Flop: (6.40 SB) 6club.gif, 8spade.gif, 3diamond.gif(2 players)BB bets, econ_tim calls.Turn: (4.20 BB) 8diamond.gif(2 players)BB bets, econ_tim calls.River: (6.20 BB) 4club.gif(2 players)BB bets, econ_tim calls.Final Pot: 8.20 BB villain seems solid enough to play back from the blinds with OK cardsany other lines you like to mix in for these situations

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Cap pf.
Yeah, or raise any flop.Or raise any turn.Or call down and hope to win UI.There are so many different ways to play this hand.Most of them can be construed as correct. Depends a lot on the villain.- Zach
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