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New To Fcp, Feel Free To Flame The Newb

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That's it! A Forum protege'!! Only, who would be the teacher??.....Ian...is pretty funny, Royal Tour, Hoosier and Prtysux (sp)(to name a few) are good with the poker advice,Turd is a great flamer.... hmm.....the possibilities........
That would make him "Flaming Turd"?
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Howdy Steve, welcome to the forums.If you don't do anything stupid you shouldn't get any "personal" flames.You will however get flamed for posting something retarded, putting it in the wrong place and if you post spam :club: If you last long enough you may just get flamed just for the sake of it, it happens to all of us. Best advice, just deal with it.If you want to stick around my advice to you would be to make it to Poker Forum Nut as soon as you can.

Just remember that most members look a lot like their avatars. ^^
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