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Did I Mention Who I Was Staying With In Germany?

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Part of what has made this trip even better is that one of my best friend's friend is someone who was once one of my Idols, and everyone in Mexico loved this guy. My friend invited him to come to Germany with us since he is not playing anymore, he's in the room next door and he's been hanging out with us the whole trip. His name is Luis "El Matador" Hernandez..He was the starting forward in the Mexican team for about 5 years (95-2000). This guy was a goal scoring machine, and scored one of the most celebrated goals in Mexico's history. Just a little background for that goal:Mexico was playing the last game of the 1st round in what they called "the group of death" they HAD to at least tie the game to be able to qualify for the 2nd stage in 2nd place. His goal took place in the last 5 seconds of the game (literally, and that is extremely difficult in soccer, its not like a Basketball buzzer beater which is much more common), in the mexican channel they were counting down the seconds left for the match to end, right after the goal Netherlands kicked off and the game ended. The streets of Mexico city were full withing 5 minutes of that goal.here it is:

here is some other videos I found with some of his hilights:
He's the one with blonde hair and a head band.. it has been like hanging out and traveling with someone like Joe Montana or Magic Johnson for me..the only problem was that when we went to the stadium he got mobbed by the fans and he really held us back, it took us like 1 hour to walk about 50 yards because he took thousands pictures with people.Anyway just wanted to brag a little...other than that I cant wait for tomorrow's game..It starts at 9pm so you better believe I'll be wasted by then..Im fairly certain we'll win this one, and whatever happens with Portugal we'll be qualified. Round of 16 is where its gonna be insanely tough because its either going to be Argentina or Netherlands that we play..Im kinda hoping we get Netherlands because Argentina always beats us. Personally I dont like the team Mexico brought, but they seem to be working well together so who am I to judge? The biggest mistake by the Coach (Lavolpe) is that he didnt bring our best player to Germany, his name is
(some more hilights for the soccer fans, #6 in the countdown, he pulled a babe ruth and said he'd score 4 goals to celebrate his son's 4th birthday.) another sick goal., this guy and the coach had a huge fight about 5 years ago before he was coach for the Mexican National team, now he didnt bring him out of vengance. Hopefully though we can pull a miracle and get deep in this thing for once.
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Cool post. Didn't Hernandez spend some time in the MLS?
yea LA galaxy..that was probably the beggining of the end for him, he didnt really do much after that.
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