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$20+$2 (real money), hand #568,696,017 Nashville Single Table Tournament, 4 Jun 2006 01:41 PM Seat 1: Villian ($6,070 in chips) Seat 5: thenamezjohn [KS,8H] ($8,930 in chips) ANTES/BLINDSthenamezjohn posts blind ($200), Villian posts blind ($400).PRE-FLOPthenamezjohn bets $1,000, Villian calls $800.FLOP [board cards AH,KD,QC ]Villian bets $700, thenamezjohn bets $2,100, Villian bets $4,170 and is all-in thenamezjohn?read: been pretty loose [near maniac] the whole SNG, chip leader at one point, short stack a few hands after, this was probably 10 min into the HU part, can never really put him on a hand, erratic betting patterns-PF raise ok? [raise more PF?]-raised on flop to see where im at [bad idea to raise?]-call the all in?critiques/complaints are welcome..

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PRE-FLOPthenamezjohn bets $1,000, Villian calls $800.
I'd limp with the K8o here. I wanna see flops with this guy and hit a monster that he will bet for me. Plus, if you complete, and then he raises, then you can safely put him on an A-x most of the time, as well as the fact he might define his hand for you. But also if he has been doing ALOT......with any type or garbage.........then you can complete AND then you can RE-RAISE!K8o is often the best hand here. So why not let him hang himself if he has been raising you preflop out of the BB (although in this case, the smooth call smells like an Ace). You make alot of $$$ heads up doing this. But you raise his blind, and he calls (could be anything, but remember - maniacs tend to slowplay good hands. This smells like an Ace to me most of the time, with J10 being second because people like seeing flops with J10).
FLOP [board cards AH,KD,QC ]Villian bets $700, thenamezjohn bets $2,100, Villian bets $4,170 and is all-in
I'd actually min-bet him here. He bet out on the flop and told you he just hit something. If he re-raises, you can fold, save 700 more in chips, and get him the next hand. If he just calls, then you can play it accordingly and either put him on a gutshot, or a pair and a gutshot.He either has just flopped a straight, has a weak A-x, or maybe had a hand like KQ, KJ, or QJ.
-call the all in?
In most cases, no. This guy is going to eventually give you all his chips if you just be patient and start to let him think he can run you over.You can also get the lost chips back if you complete-reraise all-in with any PP 66 or better (or even lower, but he might call), A8 and higher, KQ, or KJ.His play is aggressive, but by him betting so much, he is making mistakes by just entering the pot. Don't dissapoint him, and show courage to re-raise all-in on any top pair with confidence.
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-raised on flop to see where im at [bad idea to raise?]-call the all in?Why would raise middle pair into someone who's going to play back at you with air if you're going to fold when they do?good luck

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