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Western Conference Champions

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OK...so the last time we were in this position I just moved to Canada...I was one.Now I'm 18 and boy does this ever feel good.Bring on Stanley
Glad to see Smitty wouldnt even look at the Conference Trophy........ It's gonna be fun..... LET'S GO OILERS!!!!!!!!!
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I tired to jump off the Oilers bandwagon when they traded away players like Guerin and Weight. I also vowed to stop cheering for them when they lost other players to free agency like Cujo. I swore I would never watch another Oilers game when Glen Sather moved on to New York. They just seem to play exciting hockey and a true fan never gives up hope believing that they can still make a run. These playoffs seem like a dream come true - don't wake me up til they have the Cup.

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