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It Doesn't Feel Like A Race

Race Situation  

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  1. 1. Overs vs a pair, from your experience, which side do you want to be on preflop all in. Which pair is irrelevant for this, except it has to be under the overs, obviously

    • Pair
    • Overs

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what up koop, what you been up to?
Nothing much. Trying to hit one flop per hour...and I'm failing miserably. Woe is me. Outdraws every single hand. Not a lot....every hand....every.
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jaaaaaake:no sweatI don't take flaming seriously on an internet forum.But it's always good to see I got love on here!let me be clear again..I know Pairs are favored.This is not a Strategy post.It's a "gut" postI"ve been outdrawn so much lately by overs, I'm starting to dread races with Pairs vs Overs.that's all.I know the math.
Do you know why the majority poker players are LONG TERM LOSERS? Riding against statistical edges, "intution" poker". Bad poker catches up with you in the long run.
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Interesting question would be how much are we willing to use pot odds to guide our decision.Say blinds are 1K/2K at the final table, 8 players left. Folded around to you on the button with a stack of 10K. You have 10-8o and you raise to 5K to steal the blinds (should be jamming here). Small blind then jams for 10K total. Big blind folds and it's 5K more to you, 5K more to win a pot of 18K. You know that the small blind has 2 overs, making you a 3-2 dog. Can you then make the mathematically correct call, knowing that chances are, you'll be knocked out?I'm asking this since I've seen a lot of players do this in NL tourneys. They don't understand that a bet that they're making virtually makes them committed for the rest of the stack.

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Cinci,I realize that most all pairs are favorites over Most OVers combos, but has real life tainted this for you?THat's why I made this pole.For some reason, I "feel" like I always get outdrawn against overs, and usually outdraw a pair when I have the overs. Of course, I understand the diff between "feel" and long term mathematical expectaions...but I don't run these 10,000 times in a row.so..thats all.."feel", not math.
I actually feel like pairs win more than overs. Plus, I can feel justified and believe I took a bad beat if I go in with the pair.
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